It’s 8 am and at the square, the porches and the restaurant there is a feeling, smiles, energy and coffee scent.

Adults, young people and kids are checking: bags, backpacks, maps…

The day before, they watched a video report about the canyon, explaining the background, precautions to keep in mind, gear to take, the sketch of the place…

Are we ready?

What a good feeling to go out for hike with family and friends!

The Mont-Rebei canyon or congost is an unknown territory, a nature’s master piece, where the river Noguera – Ribagorzana has made its way through Montsec Mountains for centuries, shaping a 500 meters deep canyon, which also works as a border between Catalonia and Aragón.

40 minutes in the car and we’ve arrived to LA MASIETA, a parking, information center and agrostore. Note that yesterday, during the preparation party, we talked you about the work of the Foundation LA PEDRERA in this natural protected space.


We get going, watching the startling, steep and spectacular landscapes.

What a feeling! We cross a suspension bridge and start entering the tiny path carved out of the rock, in the middle of the wall.

The atmosphere and the scenery overwhelm you, you can feel your breathing and your heart, all mixed with the murmur of the water and the whispers of the air. It’s such an astonishing place that you can feel the encountering with mother Gaia.

In the resting spots you can take some photos to bring the memories of this journey home.


And we arrive to the point were the canyon opens. Spectacular! So far, we are in the Catalan wall. Two choices:

1. Rest, talk, cool off and return calmly admiring the landscape from the other side.

2. Shall we keep hiking towards Aragón?

Remember that, as we told you, in 2013 a second suspension bridge was built so we can cross to the Aragón side and go up and down the wall through wooden stairs, to Montfalcó.

We keep going… After a little break, we get to the second bridge, we are prepared to rise through the stairs, where we’ll probably see the golden eagle, the bearded vulture and other birds living in these walls.


We arrive to Montfalcó and, at Casa Batlle shelter, after restoring the energies, we visit the Romanesque chapel of Santa Quiteria and San Bonifacio. What a sight! We are in the ridge of the mountain, with the river deep at the bottom, on the right we see the water valley of Canellas reservoir, and in front of us, in the Catalan side, the Pertusa Virgin chapel is waiting for us to come by on another hike.

Back to Montfalcó, we notice the silence of the rocks, but the stones of the ruins are talking to us.

Return from Montfalco.

– Returning by following the same path, but having in mind that the landscape we’ll see now is completely different from the one we saw earlier.

– Returning on a catamaran through the canyon.

– Using a taxi (no joke, there is a taxi service from the shelter to La Masieta).

Afterwards, when we are telling the stories of the day with a relaxing cup of tea or coffee, we’ll talk you about new hikes and trips like The Chinese wall of Finestres, a geology’s delight.

About Montclus, a town open by an earthquake. About Altimiris, a settlement of the fifth century with a 400m climb that reminds the Machupichu.

Here at CAL SOLDAT you have your home. We’ll help you organising these and other trips

for you and your family and friends, enjoying an unknown territory to which you’ll certainly come back.