Today we woke up in Cal Soldat. It is winter and, as every morning, I go out to the middle of the patio to see what the day has to give to us. I look at the stones that build the different spaces, they seem to speak with their golden and bright colour due to the impact of the first rays of the Sun.

I wonder what these white stone walls have lived, countless stories, now just memories. I turn my view to the West and, imposing, with these first rays of light, the castle of Mur greets us, always imposing and loyal guardian of Cal Soldat.

I follow the short walk before going to breakfast, and in the background I am attracted to a long, endless view. The vastness grows each step that it brings me closer to the south balcony; my heart beats vividly as it knew what I was going to live.

The presence and beauty that opens before me leave me speechless; only the silence is worth this majestic setting.

An extraordinary Sea of Fog floods my vision and follows perfectly the limits of the Noguera Pallaresa Valley, and the entire gorge of Tremp. From this immense fog, different reliefs stand out in a perfect contrast, the Montsec to the South and, further afield, to the North, the mountain of Sant Corneli, the serre of Sillar and Carrànima.

Suddenly, this landscape, this endless image, offers me the experience and understanding that many geologists would love to exeperience. Seeing the almost perfect and exact scene of this place 55 million years ago. The haze made sea.

Unintentionally, this geological tale catches me and I begin to travel in time, to the moment where the Montsec first emerged from the bottom of the sea… the last sea that occupied the Pyrenees. At this bygone moment, the gorge of Tremp, the North, and the Àger valley are first individualised. These two basins were actually two gulfs, that is, two portions of the sea that penetrate into the mainland.

Seo of Frog

Cal Soldat, during this time, remained almost 5 million years in the water, at shallow depth, under a more or less warm climate where conditions made possible the accumulation of many forms of life, forming reefs, beaches, etc.

Today, the stones with which Cal Soldat and its surrondings were built, we can know further about this sea and much more. The types of rocks and fossil organisms found are part of this wonderful puzzle that is the geological history of this territory. A voyage of more than 550 million years where new reliefs, climates, landscapes, and forms of life appeared, and made of it a quiet and unique book of geology.

Little by little, I leave this wonderful story. I do not know if several minutes or millions of years went by but… the day in Cal Soldat has just begun above the Sea of Fog.

Video: But George
Editorial: Gonzalo Rivas