We invite you to discover events that occurred in Cal Soldat and its surroundings.
Years ago, Cal Soldat was abandoned, with difficult access, so when arriving and finding so many objects, it was decided to save them and learn the history of a Mur Castle, the Collegiate Church of Santa María and Cal Soldat.

And along with a restoration process, hours of listening to the stories lived by families and historians.

Today we know:
-The life of the families that inhabited Cal Soldat and their emigration to La Pampa (Argentina).
-To the Lord of War, Arnau Mir de Tost and his legacy in Mur.
-As Mur’s Romanesque paintings are in Boston, saving this cultural heritage.
-How one passes in a short time from ambruna to the greatest wealth of Pallars.
-The best Cabaret you can imagine.
-Wine and brandy, two essential products to understand the territory.

And more to discover.

Listening to these stories and letting your brain rest, you may come up with brilliant ideas that you already had, but you lacked some disconnection time.
It will be a pleasure to serve you and share the challenges of the evolution of peoples and regions.