We dared!
In the middle of August, surrounded by the impressive landscapes of Montsec, we find ourselves in Cal Soldat, an ideal setting to discover the universe through the powerful astronomical telescope and the good work of the experts Kike and Xavier de Celistia.

In both events, the atmosphere from the reception with a glass of cava, the visit to the Espai Museum and a surprise dinner, has been formidable.
When we go to the stage and they transport us to the Cosmic Ocean, marking with a powerful laser, what we are going to contemplate, each one of the attendees, emotion invades us.

Attendees as the lights go out and feel the Universe and the night breeze, it is a pleasure.
The exhibition and questions generates in the dark a cultural space with a lot of attraction for Astronomy.
The phrase… ..We are stardust… .is one of the answers to the immensity of the Universe.
The farewell is exciting and with the challenge of repeating these meetings.
Thank the attendees and the people who have supported this challenge.

Thank you so much.