History of Cal Soldat

At the time of the year 1040, when the Monastery of Santa Maria De Mur began to be constructed, the small village of Collmorter already existed.
There has passed 100 years and everthing has benn changing, in Collmorter there has only changed, the families and the names of the houses.
These houses were a complete centre in themselves.
In our house was situated the council. During a certain period there was the school.
Right here they produced the oil, the wine in large amounts and also liqueurs.
At present, already we have the oven for the bread and we enjoy a holiday when it is put to use. Needless to say they were self-sufficient in the general tasks of the field.
Today we keep the orchard and cultivate ecological vegetables.
The were responsible for animals and those of nowadays we call the farm. In short they managed their own supermarket.
We have metnioned that during many years there only changed the names of the houses. The name of our houses, Cal Soldat ( House of the Soldiers ) we have since the French war ans was given becasue of a loave story.
It must be take into account that this land has always been a frontier and that has led to battles and soldiers, also in the war of 1800.
The soldiers stayed outside in tents. The officers in the houses.
In the great house of Collmorter there was a very pretty girl and one of the officers was in love with her, but prudent, he did not say anything so as not to upset the family, already he kwno that he should be leaving and so it was, one day the troop changed the place but……
We invite you to Cal Soldat , in order to enjoy an exciting conclusion , offering a toast with a glass of champagne.