The rural complex is made up of Cal Soldat, house which names the whole development., Cal Mestre, teacher`s`house and at the same time school of the area., Ametller house and Oven house, renovated today in two flats. Independent turism rural houses. The traditional architecture has been preserved in the renovation while incorporating the functioning of modern times.

Common public spaces for the customer´s enjoyment are part of the complex.like the dining room, a game room , the viewpoint rooms and the library set up in the restored stable.

Facilities for disabled people.

Both the houses and the common areas are situated in a private zone with a restricted access, On the other hand, the location ,far from any city, provides a peaceful environment and enables the visitor to enjoy nature and to realize any kind of activities

The dining room, where the pleasure of a good meal should not be measured by the quantity but the quality and meeting with friends.

Detail of oven from 1940.

Wine celler of Avi, where is found products of " La Conca de Tremp " especially wines, D.O Costers de Segre.

The games room, enertinment space for the children to enjoy.

From the swimming pool one can enjoy an exceptional view of the lake of Cellers and of the mountains of Montsec.

Library, space for reflection ond reading. The books taught me to think, and thought made me free.

Sala mirador, zona ideal para conversar con los amigos, y donde la mirada se pasea por el valle. ” Quedate ” es una hermosa palabra cuando te la dice un amigo

Street, Santa Maria

External areas in which to converse with friends, rest, read and to take a nice coffee is a pleasure.

The brief times of leisure are the best acquisition.

Balcony of the viewpoint room, magnificient view of de valley of la Conca de Tremp, space that was occupied by the Atlantic ocean in the tertiary age.

The observation of Nature and the contemplation of it, has produced Art.