We talked with friends about knowing Montsec differently and what better than from the air.
Let’s go! We will do the whole Montsec, from West to East. How? In a hot-air balloon, evidently.
The preparation, the joy, and the departure from Cal Soldat first thing in the morning, after a good coffee, cheers us up.

From where we will rise, how the balloon will inflate, how long it will take, what we will have to do… a series of questions that we all ask ourselves the first time of this experience.

We arrive to the starting point. Miguel, from Globos Kon-Tiki, an expert in this kind of navigation, is waiting for us. And the adventure begins!


The balloon is discharged, this is gibberish for inexperienced people like us: tarpaulins, ropes, towropes, carabiners, but everything is in place and it gradually begins to take shape.

The hot-air balloon is rising now and… now what? Run, run up to the basket, for the moment it is captive, but only for a moment. And we started to climb, the movement is noticeable, but the ground is further and further away.

We have learned that on a balloon you can never say that you are already up, there is no above, there are metres from the ground and it depends on the variables of the weather that it be lifted more or less.

Miguel walks us over the entrance of the Montrebei gorge; the sensations are different —now, during the activities, everything is sensations—, but these are sensations indeed. The Pyrenees, the river, the north face of the Montsec, spaces that cannot be seen from the ground, even if you go there expressly and, even so, they are not fully appreciated as from a hot-air balloon. Cars look very small. Dead silence.

We set course for the gorge. Very quiet weather allows you to get inside it and hover it from north to south. We went to the other side, the plain of Noguera. You can see the stairs of the wall of Aragon. Enjoying this spectacle of nature is so impressive that you wish you would never go down.

Luckily, there is still a long way to go. We turn left, go up 2,000 metres, and start to hover the Montsec. On the left, the Pyrenees; further to the front, Wall, lake Cellers, the San Antonio reservoir; on the right, Noguera, Segrie, the Santa Ana and Camarasa reservoirs, Lleida.
Montserrat. We cross the Terradets gorge. It looks small from above.

The world is at your feet. Dead silence. Not even the birds are heard. An unimaginable mental feeling. You are not shut, or tied; you are hung in the air and a gentle breeze returns you to this world.

We go to the Montsec in Rubies, the Ariet valley, Santa Maria Meià, Vilanova Meià, you can see the Sió river, Urgell, and Segarra. What’s happening? The ground is getting closer. Oh! How will we stop? We are landing… Done… Magnificient.

When we returned to Cal Soldat we had so many things to tell that everybody talked and talked. Some memorable experiences!

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